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Corporate Skills

There are already over 70,000 people with corporate skills employed in the Corporate Services industry across the North of Tyne area and over 132,000 in the wider North East region. The North of Tyne offers all employers:

  • A readily available and loyal workforce offering the relevant skill requirements
  • Access to schools, colleges and universities across the area offering linked assistance programs for the Corporate Services sector
  • The lowest attrition rates in the UK for contact centre employees
  • A strong, supportive and successful eco-system
  • Support with current and future workforce needs including supporting recruitment programs

Chart: Students in business services related subjects per 100,000 of the population, 2018-19

Chart showing students in FPBS related subjects per 100,000 of the population

Source: Invest North East England (provided by FDI Intelligence)

In 2018/2019, The wider North East has the highest per capita number of students studying Corporate Services*

Related subjects of any English region, with over 1,800 students per 100,000 population.

“We continue to grow, so, for us, Quorum is a great place for us to attract top talent and is flexible enough to provide space for the business to expand.”

Dave Hughes, ENGIE UK

Dave Hughes from ENGIE UK