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Corporate Property Portfolio

Hybrid work is here to stay and most organisations are currently re-evaluating their corporate property portfolio. Key considerations now include:

  • the suitability for a hybrid workforce
  • total floorspace that may be up to 50% less than before
  • reducing carbon footprint impact
  • enticing space that will encourage employees into the office
  • local amenities for existing and prospective employees


Corporate Services are predominantly office/hybrid based people-centric organisations. As such the key differentiators on cost are property and people. North of Tyne has:

  • Amongst the lowest corporate property costs in the UK, up to 80% cheaper than a London counterpart and over 40% than the average for the south east
  • Consistently amongst the lowest salary costs in the UK
  • Labour costs for a customer services representative are 24% less expensive than Dublin, and over 16% lower than Greater London

Sites and premises

The North of Tyne offers an extensive portfolio of corporate property including:

  • Grade A facilities
  • BREEAM excellent (top 10% of UK new non-domestic buildings for sustainability)
  • City centre, edge of town, out of town, enterprise zones
  • UK’s largest business park at Cobalt Business Park
Map of the North of Tyne

“When we looked at the business park, we were shown visuals of how this building would look, and we were blown away.”

Phil Grand, Newcastle Strategic Solutions

Chart: Rental cost of prime office space in selected cities in the United Kingdom

Source – statista – Feb 2022

Our track record in attracting and growing both national and international investors speaks volumes. Below are some of those that have recognised the strengths of the region and made North of Tyne their home:

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